Bell Canada sucks (or, how NOT to practice permission marketing)

Few people I know would disagree that Bell Canada has just about the worse customer service they have ever encountered. 

As a subscriber to their DSL service several years ago, I tried to return a defective DSL modem they had supplied me with. She went through insisted her little decision tree, which eventually concluded that the problem was either with their modem or my network card.

The only way to exonerate my network card was by running a utility she supplied, but which was not compatible with my system’s configuration. I knew the modem was the problem, because I tried a friend’s and it worked perfectly with my setup. I told the Bell customer support agent this.

It was to no avail. I tried to explain to her the logic of what I was telling her, but she wouldn’t sway from her script and pre-planned decision steps, before finally getting angry and me, blurting out:

- Sir, do you want me to get fired for helping you?

Suddenly, it all made sense. If you work for Bell Canada, you shouldn’t help your customers, lest you risk getting fired. 

So figure how surprised I was when my mother received a card from Bell after dumping them as her local telco. How thoughtful that a company the size of Bell Canada would take the time to send a cute little card to tell their customers “it was better with you here.” This, after she made it very clear to their telemarketers that she was not interested in returning to their service. Here’s a scan of the front and inside of the card:

Bell Canada card - front


In case some of you don’t get the message Bell is trying to send, here’s a rewrite, in plainer English, of their text:

It was better before deregulation.

Dear [xxx],

I’m writing to say that we are sorry to have lost our monopoly position in the market. Even though greater choice, lower prices and better service are driving millions of Canadians away from us, there’s still a sucker born every minute.

Unfortunately, since you asked not to be contacted again, we have to wait three months before resuming our harassing calls to you. We’re counting down the days because we’d rather spend time harassing disatisfied customers than figuring out how to actually provide a service that people want.

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  • Lol

    You're either retarded or a dumbass! BELL SUCKS!

  • blechler

    So if bell is reselling a crappy product they should take no responsibility for it?

  • Miller22037

    Bell Canada is the worse company on this planet.Never dealt with a bigger clueless bunch of fucks then at Bell Canada.I wait for the day they get bankrupt and I will celebrate one week straight.
    Biggest Rip Off ever.
    Cancel your cell phone and go to Mobilicity.
    Did this 4 weeks ago and this was the best choice ever

  • Even BELL manager is stupid

    You definitely deserve to be yelled and cursed, and then get fired. I don't know who put you in charge of the cancellation departments, but the person needs to get fired as well. You should've apologized instead of excusing with your life style. Customers are paying a lot of money for services and they're calling you and yelling because they're not getting the services.  What happens when you don't do your homeworks in highschool? You get 0 marks and get yelled by your parents. What happens when you don't do your assignments in university? You get F, and get kicked out of university. What happens when you don't do your job at work? You get yelled and get fired.

  • Even a manager is stupid

    You definitely deserve to be yelled and cursed, and then get fired. I don't know who put you in charge of the cancellation departments, but the person needs to get fired as well. You should've apologized instead of excusing with your life style. Customers are paying a lot of money for services and they're calling you and yelling because they're not getting the services.  What happens when you don't do your homeworks in highschool? You get 0 marks and get yelled by your parents. What happens when you don't do your assignments in university? You get F, and get kicked out of university. What happens when you don't do your job at work? You get yelled and get fired.

  • Tacoz

    today i got a new game battle field bad company 2, and as always on ps3 u get a new game an update. most updates take 1 -5 mins. mine  taking 420 mins. (yes as im writing its still going) so i called bell and told them the problem. they said ” sorry sir, we can't help if something is wrong with the play station free ( he said 3 but sounded like free) we are not play station network we are bell. I told him literally' what the hell are you even saying. i said that my internet is messed up and it takes  forever to download things on my computer and to update games on ps3. so why can't you tell me what the problem is?” ” sir i already  told you, we can't help if something is wrong with the playstation free we are not play station network, we are Bell. so finally i got pissed and said” you know what fuck you, fuck you and your retarded ass companie im canceling my deal with shit dell. im going with cogeco the fucking lizard makes more sense then your sorry ass. Oh and one thing don't send me no card saying please come back. ass hole. ” thank you for contacting bell we hope you have a great day and we hope you like your stay with bell bye.

  • Charles

    Got rid of everything Bell. Man, what a releaf. Got everything they offer from competitors at much much better prices and service.

  • MyCatIsFat

    I worked for them once – for only a week.  They trained us on techniques to rip off customers.  It was so disturbing that myself and another guy got up and just plain walked out.  What's even scarier, though, is the monopoly they are building with Bell Media (since deregulation will eventually destroy their monopoly on cell phones, TV, and the internet).  I was saddened to see the lead story on CTV's newsbroadcast was the MMVAs (on their other Bell Media-owned station, MuchMusic).  Is that news?  Certainly not.  Pay attention and you'll notice, most of their news is now advertising for various segments of their media empire.  They must be destroyed before they dumb down Canada to the level of our neighbors to the south.

  • Garywalia08

    Bell is the worst company ever. They do not care about their customer and I am suprise that no one is regulating their services. I got a heft $480 dollar bill which their crappy investigation team mentioned to me, even though I dont even have a data plan. How cool is this, the only dam thing i could do on the phone was to use email and bbm. Yes bell i sent out 4.5GB of email to ppl. These guys are so stupid and anyone who wants to buy  bell services, please dont because they will tell you that we are sorry but we will charge you for data even though you dont have a data plan and not to mention their stupid one time waiver fee. Bell should get their act together. Oh well i have to go now and pay the $ 500 dollars which bell ordered me to do.

  • Oliver

    Does anyone know where this asshole George Cope lives I want to go and give him a lecture. does he live in toronto or montreal?What is his tel number/

  • Barb

    I'd like to know, after I asked Bell for a written contract for their service bundle and they refused, I ended up with all kinds of cancellation fees for my CONTRACTS???

  • sri

    bell canada is the worse.  i activated my prepaid mobile and the same day they cut off all the money in my account stating that i used internet, although data package was active, it was in my account but  they disagree. they r just people sucking money from common public.
    FYI bell : u havnt lost just 1 client, but i will ask all my friends to go with rogers.   ..1.

  • sandra

    I am a 44 yr old woman married with 2 kids. i recenlty found out that I have cancer.,
    I am fortunately to still be working and running around for tests appointments etc.  I forgot to pay my bill as I have been overwhelmed. Surprised as I was , they cut my tv service yesterday. I tried to explain my situation and they were  the most uncompassionate, relentless people I have ever met. I told then that when I catch up on my bills, I will cancel all my services with them

  • Rickzon

    I am currently receiving the worse customer service with them ever – after they took it upon themselves to cancel my account – then charge me $524.00 in cancellation fees and non returned modem fees when I did not order the modems and they won't pick them up.  THEY SUCK SO BAD!

  • Rb

    I had an experience (that word doesn't come close to covering it) recently with a Bell service representative in their technical support call-centre, while trying to diagnose a problem with my Internet service.  Or should I say B.S. representative.   As they followed along on their script, which stretched the call out interminably and unnecessarily, I must have heard 50 times, “I can tell you with pleasure that I am being very pleased to help you with that”, or “I am surely hearing what you are telling to me” when they've obviously done nothing of the kind.  Inperturbably pleasant to the point of vacuousness, the so-called technician seemed to be utterly without the ability to understand any problem not on his cue cards.   It was like talking to a poorly-programmed 'bot.  So, after wiping out my Internet browser settings so that all of my banking information, preferences, etc. were suddently gone (this after telling me, “I am assuring you, sir, nothing will be happening to your settings, and I am very pleased to tell you this, you can be sure”), there was a long pause…and then click – he hung up on me!
    My internet came back by itself about 10 minutes later (or maybe it was the godlike, all-powerful and mysterious “senior technical support” that is so distanced from the front lines) and I heard later that there had been a service outage in the area.
    I realize Bell uses a call centre in India because they're just to too cheap to use local help (and, frankly, because they simply don't care enough), but come on!  They must know they're really pissing off customers with their bargain-basement approach to customer service.  I can just imagine the cubicles of these technicians:  festooned with banners that say “Stick to the script”, and posters with outdated English phrases from 40 years ago, to be inserted at random.   I'm frankly surprised I didn't hear “Well, old chum, it's been the bees knees” before the guy hung up on me.  Bell SUCKS!

  • KillBell12&3

    I worked for Bell too and this is just pure crap. Dont give us the sad sob story about 3rd word countires. You are as bad as all of them and I bet you are trying to make yourself feel better coming on here and writing this rubbish. I know what position you held and believe me, anyone reading this, this is the guy who tells the little morons on the phones that they arent screwing you enough. I work as a technician and left because it got so bad when Bell took over, it was impossible to consider myself a decent person and work for them at the same time. Oh yeah and jobs overseas, shows how much he cares really, not one mention about depriving the country of jobs.

    Your little list of how you help is total pathetic. You didn not help anone ou of the godness of your heart, you did it because thats what you are programmed to do, a long with all the rest of the little droids you work with. I didnt have to help them….how insulting are you! Dont answer, its rhetorical….. you make it sound as if every customer pays their bills and part of your bill is based on paying for technical support etc, it doesnt come for free. Then he writes like we should kiss his ass cos they should be bothered to help…… typical scum bag, typical Bell….. should change their tagline….Bell Aliant   …… Bending you over and giving you a good screwing, why? Because we can!!

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  • Gary Gough

    I made the mistake of buying a Motorola Cell phone that was pre-locked to Bell Mobility. Found someone to sell me the unlock code ( bell wanted $70 after I sign a contract for at least a month first ). I had bought the phone outright, no contract, so really what they are doing is vandalizing other's property. Next was disarming the drive by cripple on the browser, that had killed the 4G access. All good then. Now there was an Over The Air “upgrade” of the phone's system code. Back to a dead 4G. I guess they won, as I'm going to go buy a different phone. When I bought it I actually was planing on trying their system. Now I would use smoke signals rather then give them a penny of business.  They can't go bankrupt fast enough for my liking.

  • Glad to be out of there

    Has anyone else out there had to deal with rude, abnoxious and inconsiderate credit dept. reps with this company???  I had to cancel out of my cell contract early because they sold me a faulty cell phone and didn't even last a year.  I have been a loyal customer for about 10 years now, and because the cancellation of the cell contract cost me about $500, I couldn't pay it all at once.  I called today to have my arrangement changed since it is Christmastime and things are a little tight right now (I told her I would pay off my account on January 13th), and she told me because I was changing my arrangement, I would be immediately cut off my services without any notice if I didn't keep this arrangement.  How rude and inconsiderate can you be???  Not to mention threatening.

    I worked for this shithole company for 7 years (sadly), and let me tell you, I am unbelievably glad to be out of there.  With all their bullsh*t, I am surprised they aren't bankrupt by now.  I have a real career now.

  • Dirtydog1

     Bell Canada sucks because our customers suck.I will say here what I can't say as a customer service rep. Bell is not a charity,we don't give out a new blackberry or iphone because baby needs a new phone,it says in your service agreement that you signed to get the new crackberry about late payment charges ,it's your job to call to have roaming coverage when out of the country,If you have 300 minutes to use for the month and you use 400 during peak time then you pay the extra minutes Ya dushe bags,”OH BELL IS SUCH A BAD COMPANY,I AM GOING TO ROGERS”  GOOD GO TO ROGERS HERE IS THE  NUMBER 1-888-ROGERS1 (764-3771)  and just one more thing ,if you don't go to rogers PLEASE GO TO HELL!!!  thank you.

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  • Sdgunning

    Bell Sucks Ass….. and Bell media is a friggin sham these asses already f@#ked up in the phone and Internet service markets now third strike…. BELL MEDIA ( God help the Space Channel ) anything that brain dead bunch touches is a complete disaster the whole channel is one big re-run consistently 24 hours a day…Awesome Job… you jackasses really deserve those big bonuses here's a suggestion… tighten those ties around your necks alot tighter tie em to something high and …..Jump !  

  • Oceanmelodys4_ever

    East link is toooooooooooooo dam slow and not worth what I have to pay for it in N.S. $100.00 to put an antenna on the house then 45.00 a month for a very slow service then you keep getting knocked off when your in the middle of a good game etc.!!

  • Ranjitkray

    Bell Canada is charging me for cancelling my long distance service ,which I had for 13 years , and my interenet dsl that I had for 13 years. What's their problem ?

  • Ner

    Yesterday i purchased fibe tv line from bell.
    Bell sent over 3 technitians
    these three technitiants “worked” practiaclly all day from 9:30 am to 6pm and when they were done…hours later
    I realized that they had stolen THOUSANDS of dollars worth of jewellery and watches from my family (now this is not from a lack of supervision or the placement of the items. they were taken from closed droors and jewellery boxes.)
    I called bell and the police where a report was taken….but not by bell
    after countless calls and attempts at making reports and being yo-yo'd from one person to the other finally i got though to head office only to learn that not a single report had reached them.
    Bell shows a complete disregard for the action of their employees and i am yet to see any action taken on their behalf.
    All in all the ,message i am getting is…too bad so sad.
    DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE IN  YOUR HOME and if you choose to then be prepared to spend the day watching closely enough to smell their breath. and you might want to practice being in three places at once considering the number of thechnitians they send out.
    The items which were stolen are sentimentally irreplaceable.
    If i cannot get any justice then atleast i can warn other people that they CANNOT be trusted.. because if something this unforseeable happens to any of you… well…too bad, so sad.

  • Peccabilis

    I'm so tired of Bell's bullshit. I have no idea what to say about them. I guess I'm so disgusted with their business practices that I'm up in arms. I've had enough. I've posted some stuff on Facebook and I'm looking for support. I want to see them out of business. Look me up on Facebook with my e-mail and post, like share what I've put up. Your support will send them a message.

  • Ex customer

    I was a Bell customer for 23 years.  I canceled all of my Bell services recently.  Home phone, television, business services, hosted fax.  They lost all of my business due to how absolutely pathetic and broken this company really is.  As a custmer they never got anything right.  As an ex customer it has taken months for them to figure out how to turn their service off and stop billing me.  I had to get my federal MP and the CRTC involved to sort it all out.  No amount of compensation would make up for the time and headaches Bell has caused me.  What an embarrassment!!!

  • Ex customer

    By the way, the email of the president of Bell Canada is:

    Perhaps if we emailed our complaints to him and copied the National Post and Globe and Mail, we might actually get a resolution.

  • libby

    Bell doesn’t really care that they don’t provide good service because they control the infrastructure, and that is their profit. They get less if you go with someone else but they get the leasing fees that the other company pays to use their lines. towers, etc. Fewer customers means they don’t need all those customer-care employees. They are not trying to compete, and they are definitely not interested in any threat to leave them. That’s a good thing to them. I love Canada, but unfortunately this kind of business practice is so typical here. 

  • day knight

    no need for BBB, I solved my problem by having a free lawyer call collection agency and tell them to put halt to their incessant threats. Those who can
    t find a lawyer must take them to small claims court. Believe me you will love it and they will dread it.

  • John Lehnon

    Yeah, fuck them. I got 27,500 bill for roaming. They did not even notify me I am going that high on my usage.

  • Jd

    The attitude you have displayed in this post is a prime example of why Bell Sucks….Clearly you have axes to grind.

  • patty

    if i could go to another provider i would but where im to the own all the poles wires and cell towers. its horrible at 5:30am i did a speed test from the site provided to me by bell themselves and my download rate was 0.04 mbits a sec i know im gettin ripped off but theres no other option

  • soon to be a very grateful ex

    you know what bell does suck. they treat their staff horrible, i’ve seen managers and incompedent people making decisions and they really really don’t care about the customers. trust me. they over work people and the poeple that are actully good employees will get shun away or be littled. and the president is all mental health advocate but he lets his manager abuse agents, over work people for little to no pay trust me. The ones that make money there are the ones that dont care about you. i’ve seen manager hire personal friends as supervisors with little to no knowledge of the customer or infrastracture. And dont go complaining to executives at that company your going to be shunned big time and rediculed. anyhow i’m soon to write a book about my experiences as i think the public needs to know what is going on there.

  • Barb Lysack

    Why would anyone want to subscribe to bell when they have shows like “the social”?

  • A simple electrician

    Man fuck bell

  • A simple electrician

    I started on a $45 month plan. Then I got a bill for over 150$ for goin over my long distance minutes. Fair enough, I called and added 20$ extra long distance and things seemed good again. Months passed and all of a sudden I got hit with a 300$ bill for goin over my long distance. I called and once again added even more “extra long distance” minutes. Well two weeks ago I get a call sayin ” would u mind paying your bill”, which was odd as I only owed 130$ and wasn’t unusual considerin my bills seem to always be around 130$ every month for some 80$ month plan which gouges me. Well I paid that bill only to get woken up to another phone call 4 days later asking when I can pay the “480$” i currently owe? Well I snapped. “Why the shit do I owe 480$” I said. “Well sir, u used 90$ in December but 380$ in January!!”. I shit u not it was all for long distance. now let me clarify, by using long distance I mean calling from grande prairie to Edmonton which is 4 hours away, within same province of Alberta. Also I go months without makin a long distance call and when I do, it’s only for an hour or two for the whole month!! Not even exaggerating. This blows my mind because my parents are able to call anywhere in world, for however long on 20$ a month. Granted it’s a land line but still, 20$ for the ‘inconvenience’ of a ‘wired’ line seems so awesome and appealing to me now.

    Now here’s what really pisses me off. If you go over your minutes, then u get taken to the wood shed on your next bill. No one ever wants to go over their bill. That’s why everyone always gets a beefy plan with a wide margin of error for the sole purpose of not goin over minutes. So basically everyone buys extra and pays for minutes they don’t use. Problem is my long distance minutes change on a monthly basis and the last thing I want to do is call and deal with customer care calls all the time. I have already changed my plan so many times that……. Blah blah blah i feel tired just thinking about bell. Fuck you bell, I may only be one customer but i will never buy anything bell ever again

  • Gregory Britt

    Hi I’m Gregory Britt. Bell had fucked me last month through a reseller account in Kingston. The speed was horrible. Please tell Bell not to bully mental patients please. Its mean

  • John Smith

    Bell, Rogers and the government share the same bed. Oh let’s not forget the CRTC, which in their pockets. I would hate to be the one to change the sheets.

  • Zanthus Prime

    and if you do decide to go with bell good luck getting whatever service turned off, you’ll be three hours arguing with them and end up wanting to punch something. Bell needs to go belly up so they can actually appreciate what they had. On a second note there should be a public company doing services that bell provides. It sad that there really isn’t any

  • IA/ShiMoka ;)

    bell canada sucks fucking ass dc and times out so much.